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Why The Fuck Didn’t The Lions Keep Running Craig Reynolds?

Written by TrevStone

I hate when coaches try to outsmart themself. I really like Dan Campbell but that’s what he seems to do waaay too often. I understand that he is a first year head coach but some of the decisions he makes are absolutely ridiculous. Like not running Craig Reynolds when he was looking dominate against Denver.

Instead Detroit kept running Godwin Igwebuike who they converted from safety to running back. He fumbled twice. Almost like they’re trying to prove they made the right move to convert him. Craig Reynolds on the other hand? 11 carries for 83 yards! Maybe Campbell is trying to blow these games at this point but come on man. If it isn’t up to Campbell and its Duce Staley that’ll still piss me off.

Reynolds ran his ass off during the preseason and many Lions fans thought he would have made the opening day roster with his preseason performances. And I’m honestly shocked that no other team decided to pick him up. I’m glad they didn’t. But if Detroit doesn’t give him an opportunity throughout the rest of the season I’ll be very upset and will be glad if another team decides to pick him up.

If one this is certain the Lions have a deep running back group in the future if they can ever get and stay healthy. Even if that is next season.

Reynolds story to the NFL is a wild one:

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