Why The Dallas Cowboys Trading For Russell Wilson Could Become Their Worst Decision #DontLetRussCook

Written by austenlange

Let me start this article out with a disclaimer, Russell Wilson is a top 3 quarterback in the National Football League and has so much talents that it is basically coming out of his fucking ears. HOWEVER, the Cowboys trading for him could ultimately become their demise. In the article I’m going to do my best as a Big J journalist and break down the reason as to why I see this becoming the biggest dumpster fire ever.

  1. Jerry, like many men loves to win. Mr. Jones however since his 3 Super Bowl wins of the 20th Century just haven’t seemed to translate that well in his later years. I just know this old geriatric fuck is going to implode the whole god damn team because he is going crazy seeing Tom Brady just walk in and out of the Super Bowl like Rob Craft at a massage parlor.

2. The risk for reward vs. return is just not worth it all. We’d have to give away out next three 1st rounders at the least for Wilson. I mean dude is just a wizard in between the lines. The Seahawks are going to be asking for a Kings Ransom. Why waste so much potential capital on a guy who may not be able to bring us the big one due to us having to pawn off our whole future for him.

3. The cap hit makes 0.0000% sense. We’re literally searching through the couch cushion for any kind of money. We are so god damn broke that it hurts my chest. We have over extended our money so many different times and ways and trading all of our potential draft capital for a 32 year old QB doesn’t make sense to me.

4. I mean Dak Prescott is still good as fuck. I have faith he heals from the injury, gathers a good deal from Jerry and goes out and does exactly what we need to do, and we won’t have to abandon our future.

5. He’s literally creating the same situation he’s in with the Seahawks. He’s been bitching and moaning about not having weapons, not having a better o line I mean holy fuck mate. The team you end up with will have to fork over their entire future for an older QB. I mean who is to say that even with being traded that he doesn’t get unhappy in a new situation.

6. Last and final point. Jerry Jones won’t let anyone outspend him. The guys is just rich as fuck and wants everyone to know that so I have no doubt that he won’t sell the whole team for Wilson to become the starting QB in silver and blue.

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