Why tailgating led to the best sex I’ve ever had….

Written by Sara Cheek

As I sit here in my living room watching The Sugar bowl, I’m thinking of all the reasons I love football season. My husband and I had our first date at a Tennessee Titans game. They were playing the Baltimore Ravens, and it was my first time at LP field. I’m originally from Kansas City, tailgating is a part of your upbringing, we do not mess around with our BBQ and our tailgates.

First of, I did not know this was our first date. I was living in Clarksville, had just broken up with my boyfriend, and was looking for a fun time with new people. I had met Matt at the gym I was working at, and he had asked me to hang out several times before, in which I passed on. But I had a girlfriend going to this game, and he had friends going,, so I thought, why not. We met with his friends and mine were tailgating a couple of tents down. My definition of drinking in a social setting is go big or go home. His wasn’t the same as mine and still really isn’t, that is why we work. Long story short, I convinced him to buy tickets to the game, it was hot as hell, I had to force myself to puke in the bathroom, so I could continue to go ham, and he wouldn’t notice, I left him in the stadium to continue to drink in the parking lot, and when the game was over we had a long 45-minute car ride back home. On the ride home, he reached across the truck and grabbed my boob. You’ll have to understand my personality, but very sarcastically I said, “Are you good?” It was a disaster.

Now, ten years later, halftime is considered a sex break. If you want a game buddy, the goal is to treat it just like you would if you were dating. Everyone wants to join the mile high club, how come nobody thinks about joining the stadium club? I look for a family bathroom, men’s bathroom that is decently private, or will give a good tease until we can bang out. Whether you’ve been together for one week or ten years, keep it fun. The bar scene isn’t the only place you find someone you take home, date, or marry. Tailgating can be the perfect atmosphere, and it sets the tone moving forward. Football is what we live for. Combine sex, beer, wings, and you have the recipe for the perfect relationship.

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Sara Cheek

I’m a hockey mom, wife, cover model, and OnlyFans top creator. I love football, beer, and chicken wings!