Why Joe Burrow Is a Better Quarterback Than Justin Herbert

Written by BadBoiCiCi

Joe Burrow uplifts a team while Justin Herbert can’t win big games. Being a quarterback has to be a genetic thing. When it comes to sealing a game, I want Joe Burrow rather than Justin Herbert. You can talk about all the talent that Justin Herbert has, well Joe Burrow has talent too. He doesn’t have the cannon arm but he has the ability to stay calm and steady the nerves of those around him. 

I know all about Justin Herbert’s passing stats and his big throws, but why can’t we alleviate that with Joe Burrows pocket presence and ability to stretch plays. Justin has cool hair and all but he’s also nowhere near as good looking as Joe. So now Joe has the ability to get your girlfriend to watch the games with you. Now he creates healthy relationships as you can bond with your partner about how amazing he is. Justin Herbert doesn’t have that same ability. 

Joe Burrow is a winner. He wins the big games. We all know what happened in the Super Bowl, but what about everything he did to get them there. I don’t think that in Joe’s mind, he ever thought they were gonna lose the AFC Championship game based on them beating the Chiefs a few weeks earlier. He had the trust of his teammates that if they could get a few stops on defense and put the ball in his hands, he could take the game over for the Bengals. 

The Chargers didn’t make the playoffs and it wasn’t because Brandon Staley called a timeout against the Raiders. I don’t care what anyone says, the Raiders were never going to let the game end in a tie. Not with an interim head coach that was pretty much interviewing for a job as full time head coach. They didn’t make the playoffs because the Chargers don’t know how to win. A lot of the blame has to land on Justin Herbert because he would’ve gotten praised if they had won more games (or didn’t get blown out by the Texans).

Joe Burrow is just the better quarterback to have on your side and that’s a fact.

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