On the heels of Iran admitting they did indeed shoot down the Ukrainian plane that caused 176 people on board to perish.

It seems that students and citizens of Iran are again taking to the streets to protest to leadership of Iran and calling for the ouster of the Ayatollahs.


If people are unaware of these protests in the United States..it is because the mainstream media is not giving the protests any coverage.

The US media gave wall-to-wall coverage of the missile attacks of Iraq bases where US troops were stationed and the US Embassy protest in Iraq.

But, the students and citizens taking to the streets and saying the Ayatollahs have to go? Oh. Sorry, can’t devote any time to that. It’s out of the news-cycle and our viewers want us to cover something else.

Thankfully, there is social media that bypasses the mainstream media and is actually covering these protests.


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