Why is the NFL the top league in the US?

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The National Football League (NFL) is the wealthiest professional sport league by revenue. It is also the league with the most valuable teams. It is considered a multi billion dollar business with record breaking television viewership. With millions of sponsorship deals and signing bonuses, the game has evolved into a  multi-billion dollar business in its truest sense. Pete Rozelle, Wellington Mara, Art Rooney among others’ vision of making a popular sport a financially beneficial one worked out just right. 

Due to its complete parity, the NFL is so popular and successful. One of the main reasons why the game grew in popularity throughout every corner of the country, is because irrespective of which city one’s team is from, they have an equal chance of winning the Super Bowl not just in New York, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles, like we get to see in other sports. through NFL licensed apparel, there’s money that comes in, which is further distributed 100 percent equally amongst all teams. This idea of equal revenue sharing ensures all teams are provided with more than enough money to put a quality football team on the field. To make things even better, there is a league salary cap, meaning that no team can pay exceedingly more than another to acquire a team full of All-Stars. The current NFL business model should be an example for all other sports. Revenue sharing, salary caps and the vision of a few men many years ago has made the NFL head and shoulders above any other sport in America in terms of popularity.

In the NFL, every game counts. In the postseason, a team gets no second chances. It’s win or go home. Also, Americans do tend to get excited by violence. A big hit, a ferocious sack or a vicious tackle in the backfield fires up the crowd more than a block or a big shot. It is full of action, suspense, nail-biting finishes and superstar athletes, and is considered the most competitive league of the big four. 

The NFL players can play in almost any conditions – snow, ice, rain, high winds, you name it. Cheerleading and fantasy football are some other reasons making it the top sporting league in the USA. The sporting extravaganza called Super Bowl is a fantastic spectacle. The records it’s broadcast have broken involving social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is marvelous. The drama and magic that goes into every game is unparalleled and eagerly looked forward to even if one is not a fan of the NFL. 

The NFL is a weekly event. It has surpassed baseball as America’s favorite pastime. Every Sunday during the NFL season is like a festival for the die hard fans. Be it their home team or others, people across different households sit down to enjoy the game. And the support and patriotism towards one’s home team is nothing like one has ever seen.

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