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Why Is #ThankYouAaron Trending On Twitter?

Written by Jonathan Garner

The hashtag #ThankYouAaron is trending on twitter right now, but for what reason? Because Packer fans are praising Aaron Rodgers for his weekly interviews on the Pat McAfee show every Tuesday. Rodgers might come off as an asshole to some people in the nation, and many hate him because he is a good quarterback. But Rodger’s true colors came out every Tuesday when he was on the show with Pat and AJ. He really is a good guy at heart, and is playing the game how it is supposed to be played. The people are expressing their love pretty greatly for him now as you can see below:

Am I a fan of Rodgers? No. But I am also a big Lions fan and am sick of the Packer’s constantly getting their way with the refs, while us Lions are continually getting screwed over by them. But I do understand Rodgers greatness and what he has done for Packer nation, so it is nice to see this side of him.

There are a lot of good people on Twitter that are praising Rodgers like a God right now, and then there are people like Skip Bayless:

That stuff is laugh out loud funny and I am here for it.

Lastly, it all starts with Pat McAfee and how he was able to host Aaron Rodgers in the first place. So he posted one of his favorite moments while he was on the show:

Pat is a hilarious guy and if you don’t listen to him yet, you better start. Everything that he talks about will grab your attention and most likely make you laugh. I love him listening and watching his shows.

Rodgers has his respect among many people/fans across the nation, and today we saw why.

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