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Why is Richard Petty the GOAT of NASCAR?

Written by Vito_Logozzo

Richard Petty is the all time wins leader in what is now the NASCAR Cup Series with 200 victories. Petty is also tied with The Intimidator Dale Earnhardt with Seven Cup Series Championships. Both of those accolades could make someone consider him the GOAT. I do not consider him the GOAT for many reasons one of which was most of his 200 wins came at a time when the Cup Series ran a race almost everyday at a time when anyone could have a been a driver. Most of his 200 wins also came at a time when the second or third place drivers would be multiple laps down and half the field wouldn’t even finish the race due to mechanical failure.

The true GOAT of NASCAR is Dale Earnhardt and that my friends is an undebatable fact. He raced against more equal competition than The King and only raced between 30 and 36 races depending on the season. The Intimidator was also the inspiration for the character Rowdy Burns in the 90’s NASCAR film Days of Thunder. Dale was also able to win at a time when NASCAR when it was becoming a national sport not just a regional sport in the south east. Dale also had a very successful second generation driver unlike Petty whose son is not nearly as successful as Dale Jr. So for those reasons and many more friends Dale Earnhardt is the NASCAR GOAT

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