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Why is Mike McCarthy Trending? It Has Something to Do With Watermelons

Written by Nate

Well, this is a very odd start to the day. Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy used an unusual way to motivate his team to a victory last weekend.

Ahead of their surprise win over the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday, McCarthy used the method of squashing watermelons with a hammer to inspire his team to win.

Apparently, someone from Fox Sports in analyst Shannon Sharpe said on Undisputed that it was considered racist.

Not taking sides here, but Sharpe has brought up a couple points. Based on an article from the Atlantic, African-Americans were known to have a big appetite for watermelons that goes back centuries, and it has continued to this day.

However, smashing melons are also used for comedic effect. Case in point, prop comedian and actor Gallagher and his famous Farmer’s Market GEICO commercial from several years back.

And now here we are in 2020 where apparently smashing watermelons or fruit is racist—-or something. Just head-scratching all-around on all sides.

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