Former WWE superstar and legendary wrestling Kurt Angle is trending on Twitter currently and me like anyone else was curious so I clicked on it. Let me warn you it is a trip so when you click on Kurt Angle trending a video pops up just watch it and you will understand.

Those suplexes are so perfect it is insane. I can only imagine how proud Kurt Angle is if he logs on to Twitter today and see why he is trending. I mean if you are in a fight and a dude starts suplexes you are in trouble, might as well run away quick.

I have watched this video twice and it is better the second time around. It is crazy how he just busts these out he threw two punches and just took the guy to the ground with these Kurt Angle moves. Credit to this guy he certainly is someone not to mess with and you just have to respect him for his moves. Certainly did not expect for Kurt Angle to be trending but that is the world of Twitter you have to love it.


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