Why is Kawhi Trending?

In this latest version of Start one, Bench one, or Cut one we are met with Dwayne Wade, Kawhi Leonard, and Stephen Curry, this is considering all players in their primes. Twitter is pretty much in a consensus that they would cut Kawhi. What would you do?

Either way it is so funny that people where ready to declare him the best player in the NBA at the start of this past season, and now they are ready to cut him. I agree that I would cut Kawhi too Curry obviously is the best shooter of our generation, and people forget how dominate DWade was in his prime, easy decision if you ask me. Some of the opinions of people on Twitter are pretty hilarious.

I find it so funny how people are forgetting about Kawhi and are cutting him, how did people think he was the best player in the league? Anyway there is one way you cut either Dwade or Curry and keep Kawhi you should be put into a crazy house if you think otherwise.

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