Why is ‘Jerry Krause’ Trending?

Written by schultzyca

I have always stated that I have never seen a franchise hate their ‘franchise quarterback’ more than the Packers hate Aaron Rodgers. I know Rodgers is an All-Pro Generational talent but with only one Super Bowl to show for it and being 37 years old the clocking is running out. Obviously we all know Rodgers has made it clear that he wants out of Green Bay and apparently he is not hiding that either.

It has also surfaced that Aaron Rodgers does not particularly like Packers GM Brian Gutekunst and the only way he will stay with the team is if he is fired. That does not seem like it is likely to happen and a report came out today stating that Rodgers has been calling Gutekunst, Jerry Krause in team group chats.

Jerry Krause obviously was the GM of the Bulls during the 90s and built championship winning teams in Chicago but was noted for not being the easiest man to get along with and like wise was viewed as a villain by many. They is one glaring difference between the two GM’s though, one won championships and the other did not. So this is not at all a close comparison.

Brian Gutekunst is failing at his job as general manager and is not putting an effort out to lift his franchise into Super Bowl contenders. If Rodgers does get traded this will all be on his hands. I understand that Rodgers may be viewed as a baby for his comments or how he is handling the situation but he has somethings to be mad about for sure

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