Why Is Jerry Jones Trending?

Written by austenlange

With last night’s news breaking with the Raiders and their Ex-Head Coach John Gruden resigning we can only assume as to why Jerry Jones is trending online.

After doing a brief internet search on Twitter we can see why the old owner is trending. With the racist, and misogynistic remarks made by Gruden, the internet had a fire storm of hilarious tweets and allegations coming towards Jones. Jerry has had a very drama filled past and because of his age and growing up in the south everyone can assume Jones’ emails are worse than what we found from Jon Gruden’s camp.

Now, I really hope Jerry isn’t dumb enough to say or do the things he has been accused of but we all know he’s got a past with racism. Also, if Jerry did say these aggreegious things, we can only hope that he wasn’t so stupid that he put them all on his company email.

John Gruden’s actions are intolerable and something the NFL and the world have been aiming to end. It does suck that most of his comments came several years back now, but that doesn’t take away from the power of those statements and the people they hurt.

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