Why is Jeff Bagwell Trending on Twitter?

Written by Spiked Rob

Oh, 2020, you son of a bitch. When someone randomly trends on Twitter, your first thought is: OH NO, NOT ANOTHER ONE!

Today, however, Jeff Bagwell is not another celebrity casualty of 2020, he is the owner of the most imitated batting stance per the population of Twitter. Phew.

As a guy who went to the same high school as Bags, I can attest that all of us at that high school imitatied his batting stance, whether we played on the baseball team or not. Seriously, I went to the same high school, check the picture: Xavier High School, Middletown, CT. I graduated twenty years after Bags and was taught by some of his old coaches and former teammates.

Anyway, I am glad Jeff Bagwell remains alive and well, ruining many a young player’s mechanics with his ridiculous batting stance that is still often imitated, never duplicated.

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