Why Is ‘Happy Birthday Michael’ Trending? @CuriosityCaty

Written by schultzyca

Well I didn’t think at 10:30pm on Thursday night I would be getting a little teary eyed calm me soft but this story is great. But a mother took to Twitter to voice that it is her disabled sons 33 year old son and is asking people on wish her son a Happy Birthday.

Twitter did not disappoint it is currently the second most trending topic in the United States. This goes to show when people come together humans can be truly be awesome.

I can only imagine what they are going through right now emotionally this is really awesome and must be overwhelming. Thousands and thousands of people have taken to Twitter and wished Michael a Happy Birthday! So I will too Happy Birthday Michael! You are awesome buddy we will get through this pandemic and we will be back together soon! Keep doing you! Just know people have a lot of love for you out their!

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