Why is football considered a king sport?

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We all know football is a sport that many fans and watch, but have you ever wondered why football is the sport of kings?

Football is a sport that was born very early. Through a long process of development, so far football has become the most attractive sport on the planet. To be more precise, football is the king sport in the world? So you know why football is the king sport? If you are wondering about this issue please follow up in the article below.  

Why is football considered a king sport?

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No age limit

It can be said that football is a popular sport and for everyone, when anyone, regardless of age or gender, can play it. While many professional sports around the world have clear and specific age-specific rules for playing, this does not exist in football. This is the first factor that helps football become the most popular king sport on the planet. In football, there is no minimum age to play, nor is there a specific “retirement” age for players. Simply put, when a team thinks its young player is ready to play in an official match, they put that player on the pitch. Although age is a big problem in football, there is no shortage of players still playing professionally when they are over 40 years old.  

General Kazuyoshi Miura is still playing at the age of 53

Has the largest arena in all sports

This may not be entirely true, but football takes place in one of the biggest stadiums in sports. The largest soccer fields with a capacity of 80,000 seats or more, are always full of seats and provide a great atmosphere for matches, with applause, cheers, drumming or when singing together traditional songs in unison. There are many stadiums dating back to a long time, becoming “mecca” and sticking with a club throughout its history of development. It is a place of ups and downs, successes and failures, every generation of players growing and getting old, every coaching life, like a home of loyal fans. For those who have a strong attachment to and love a certain club, it is a spiritual feeling that is difficult to describe in words.

Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium – Europe’s largest stadium

Is a popular sport

One more reason to explain why football is the king sport. That’s because it’s simple, it’s very accessible to all. This sport is so flexible that anyone can play and play anywhere, just adjust to suit their needs and circumstances, it is not necessary to master and apply everything rules from big to small. It is important to play football without any sophisticated equipment so it is a sport for everyone, even the poor children. Even for real players, the cost of the equipment to play football is much cheaper than other sports. The rules of the game are also very comfortable, and due to a verbal agreement before the game. The number of people is also completely free, as long as the number of participants is divided equally into two teams. This factor helps football to become popular and foster a passion in every place, every corner of the world.

It only takes one ball to play this sport

There are continental and international tournaments

Not only are there exciting confrontations between clubs in domestic leagues, football also has larger tournaments, bringing together top teams, to find the strongest teams of the continent of the world. Of course, everyone wants to enjoy the top matches between the big teams, to see the top stars compete together. Each continent has its own soccer leagues at the club and national team level. The most famous among them are the European region with the European Cup (UEFA Champions League) for the club level and the European Football Championship (Euro) for the national team level. Coming from different countries, the teams will bring their own culture, identity, and style, creating diversity and unpredictable outcomes. Fans will have the opportunity to witness uncompromising battles between the continent’s top clubs, or feel the burning desire of national teams to bring glory back home. Likewise, the World Football Federation (FIFA) also owns the largest international tournament, the World Cup. The top national teams of each continent will compete against each other to find the best team in the world.

The World Cup is the largest football event in the world

It’s a team sport, not an individual sport

Football is a true team sport, so the solidarity and good competition of the whole team is the decisive factor for success or failure, not an individual’s shine. A good team not only has excellent individuals, but also has to have a team game to bring out the best of that talent, because each individual plays a different position on the field, and not having a position is not important. Playing in such a team helps individuals reduce their limits and increase their strength many times over. When making mistakes, there will always be teammates to rely on, and there will always be someone to support you. It is the source of the power that drives each player and the team to victory. No matter how talented a star is, if his teammates do not perform well, it is difficult to “carry” all by himself. Or as a team with many stars but lack of balance between lines or lack of cohesion between players is difficult to achieve. The strength of a team must be synergy.

Messi could not own a prestigious title with the national team because of the imbalance in the squad

The most strict rules

As a king sport, football has a specific and strict set of rules to maintain fairness and ensure both teams play well. The law clearly states that the offenses deserve a yellow card and deserve a red card. Even the head coach or members of the coaching staff, if they behave inappropriately, can be dismissed from the technical area of ​​that team. In addition, to ensure fairness and encourage standard behavior, the Football Confederation also applies off-court penalties. This applies to behaviors like press speeches, club financial management problems, doping use, age fraud, and match fixing. Clubs that violate will also be fined heavily, with fines that can be fines, minus points in the domestic league, or even disqualification.

Russia is banned from participating in the 2022 World Cup because of doping-related penalties

The above are the reasons why football is considered a king sport. Hope it helps the fans understand more about this particular sport.

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