Why is CM Punk Trending?

I will be very honest the landscape of the WWE has changed tremendously in a short amount of time and it has been tough to keep up with during the pandemic. I will say this though since John Cena has made a return a few weeks ago I am locked in every time he is has been on the screen and he has not disappointed.

Tonight he cut yet again another great promo where he name dropped likes of Dean Ambrose and CM Punk, Vince must have had a heart attack back stage. I mean he was on one tonight, not that he needs too but Cena proved yet again that he is the best talker in the business and he is so good on the fly.

It has been the Summer of Cena for sure and even though he is the biggest thing in Hollywood I would think they are going to have him win the title just so he can get to 17 titles and then he will lose it soon after or just have to give it up because he has another movie to go to.

Listen I have no clue if CM Punk will make a return to wrestling but if he did it should have been the first live RAW back in front of people but the WWE fumbled that bag. It would certainly be crazy if he did but what if he made a come back during Summer Slam and ruined the Summer of Cena? Crazier things have happened, we will wait and see.

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