Why is Carl Nassib Trending?

Written by schultzyca

Carl Nassib who is the first openly gay NFL player and defensive end for The Las Vegas Raiders is trending after his head coach Jon Gruden stepped down from the team today because of his ‘racist, homophobic, and sexist emails’ several years ago.

I don’t understand the part in the New York Times that says, “He denounced the…drafting of a gay player…” Nassib had not even come out than. It also seemed Gruden had the upmost respect for Carl talking about him at lengths at times.

This resignation and situation is very odd and you have to think that they had these terrible emails for a LONG time and someone now just decided to leak them because they wanted him out.

But Carl Nassib is trending because his coach seems somewhat homophobic at the very least and Twitter as it usually does is having a field day.

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