Today was a very eventful day to say the least.

I woke up early to help my cousin out but when I woke up I noticed something was wrong.

I couldn’t move my left foot.

I woke up about four times in the middle of the night and now it makes sense.

I thought it was something wrong mentally because I felt like I kept telling myself ‘you can move it’ but then I realized it was nothing but in pain.

I tried to stand up and couldn’t. But I forced myself too. Then I brought my wimpy and gimpy leg/foot around to my car.

After helping my cousin, I had to go figure out about a new vehicle I want, thanks for clicking this blog, it’ll slowly help me get it.

After that, I started thinking, what did I do? I couldn’t think of any times that I banged it, but two days before my foot randomly kept going numb, you know, like falling asleep? My foot was asleep so much that day. And then the next day it kind of hurt. But today? The pain was unbearable.

And realizing I didn’t remember doing anything to hurt it I was brought to the ER (thanks dad).

I sat in a wheelchair and wheeled around the small waiting area for about an hour and a half. Yep, go to the Emergency Room, only to wait almost two hours.

But finally they got me in. Did x-rays, it wasn’t broke.

They said they could see a little swelling when they looked at it and felt it the lady said that the injured foot was warmer than the other.

Then she said there is always a chance that I twisted it while sleeping. And I was thinking I’ve been alive for 25 years almost and not once have I done that. I kept thinking maybe it’s a blood clot, I mean yeah, I might be thinking the worst but sometimes you have too.

So then they did blood work also and told me that the results of that could take a day or two.

But also asked me another question ‘have you been sick at all lately?’ and to be honest, I had a sore throat for about a day and a half. Normally I get sick this time of year from what I thought would be the weather changing here in Michigan, which it might be.

But then the doctor said that my sore throat could be the reason for my foot/ankle pain. I almost spit my drink out, but I didn’t have one. Are you joking? All of this to say I’m basically Aaron Rodgers? Remember his COVID TOE? And he started showing everyone his feet?

What do I have? Sore throat foot?

Lol. I don’t want to make jokes because these damn crutches that I have to use right now sucks and there is still a chance something is really wrong.

Hopefully my results come back tomorrow from the blood work and everything is good.

I doubt you really care about how my foot is because I hardly do. I mean it would really suck to not have one. And I kept thinking to myself, what if I am diabetic? I mean my mother is, could that possibly be passed down to me even though she was diagnosed with it later in life? I hope I’m not diabetic. But either way It might be time to make some healthy changes.

Needless to say I still don’t believe it’s from me having a sore throat. But maybe. Just maybe that’s possible.

Regardless I’ll find out the next steps in a day or two when the results come back in. And I’ll update you here!

**PS… I also feel really bad for the nurse and doctor who at to look at my gross feet today.**

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