Why Does Raw Suck So Bad?

Written by EricLyonsTV

Since the crowds returned last month I’be been watching WWE more frequently but man there is a huge gap between Smackdown and Raw. First of all there is no reason for the show to still be three hours long because the matches and stories can barely carry. I can’t even blame the talent it’s just lackluster all together. The commentary team is not on the same level as Cole and Pat that’s a big part of it for me. But aside from that just look at the storylines heading into SummerSlam. Charlotte is in the title picture for the 45th time, Drew McIntyre is carrying around this big dumb sword while feuding with Jinder Mahal, and Bobby Lashley is in a title program with 54 year old Bill Goldberg. Am I the only one tired of it? This show has been mediocre at best while Smackdown has been fire since the fans have returned. I tuned out of Raw to type this blog up so clearly me and Raw are not on the same page right now. At this point I have no idea how to fix the show, especially when they snuck the wild card rule back in but under a different name. The rule states that a superstar has three passes to go to another brands which is beyond stupid. What’s the point of a brand split? Remember back during the ruthless aggression era where the brand split meant something? The point is Raw is in a bad way right now and it needs to be turned around asap.

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