Why does Dan Orlovsky hate Dak Prescott???

Written by Angel

Like usual, the Dallas Cowboys are the focal point on ESPN and just like usual, there is Dan Orlovsky taking shots at Dak Prescott with what I think are veiled shots at the Dallas Cowboys.

Dak Prescott is a young, talented signal-caller that is entering the prime of his career. I would imagine about two-thirds of the NFL would try and pursue Prescott if he were to hit the open market.

Then comes Dan Orlovsky who seems to love the attention he garners from bashing a quarterback that passed for more yards and threw more touchdowns in his rookie season as a fourth round pick than Orlovsky did in 10 NFL seasons combined.

Now this is what confuses me. Orlovsky told viewers that Dak Prescott is not going to save the Dallas Cowboys because their roster is bad but then points to the draft and says there are three quarterbacks that Dallas should consider.

If the roster is bad, then how can a rookie quarterback come in and fix all of their issues? Gambling on a quarterback when you have a young top five signal caller on your roster feels like a reach aimed at kicking a franchise while they are down.

He pointed out teams like Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Houston and Kansas City that benefited from drafting a quarterback without mentioning the fact those teams first, got lucky the Chicago Bears botched their pick, and second, those teams rosters had enough talent to make it to the playoffs prior to the draft.

Oh and Dan, how does that Philly pick look now?

One thing that is often overlooked when drafting quarterbacks is the situation. How much different does Joey Harrington look if he landed in Baltimore instead of Detroit or David Carr landing with the Jets as opposed to the beating he took behind that terrible Texans expansion line?

Let’s be real here, the Dallas Cowboys are riddled with injuries which include their franchise quarterback Dak Prescott. Teams in the past have gotten the benefit of the doubt when it comes to quarterback injuries except for the 2020 Dallas Cowboys.

I do not remember any Pittsburgh continuous bashing when they lost Big Ben Roethlisberger last year but it is alright to beat a Cowboys team because they generate headlines? Get a new theme Dan!

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