You might not be in the know because most of the national media has barely talked about it, especially during the Super Bowl broadcast, but Chief’s head coach Andy Reid’s son Britt Reid, who is also the outside LB’s coach for KC, was involved in a three car crash last week that left a 5-year-old girl in critical condition. The driver of the vehicle who he crashed into also suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Britt Reid’s toxicology report is being looked into, but it seems that he was most likely under the influence:

But why wasn’t this talked about more? If this was Bill Belichick’s son Steve, who is on the Patriots staff, the media would make this a much bigger deal and would destroy him. But instead, it was barely discussed over the weekend and Jim Nantz and Tony Romo didn’t even mention it once over the broadcast last night.

It makes people wonder how much of a distraction it made to the Chief this Sunday. No matter how good of a coach Andy Reid is, it’s impossible to completely block that out when both prepping and managing the game. Nice job Britt! Not only almost killing two people but causing your Dad to lose the Super Bowl!


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