Who’s In and Who’s Out…

Written by cody mccloud

I am going to give my unbiased Top 10 QB’s in the NFL. This is based off last years stats and how i think they will do this year.

  1. Tom Brady ( The G.O.A.T) – No matter how badly it pains me to put Brady as number 1, i believe he belongs as #1 over all the other QB’s on this list. Brady in the 2021 season at 45 years old threw for a career high 5,316 yards with 43 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Brady also had a passer rating of 102.1. In my opinion Brady should have won MVP in 2021. Tampa also gave him the addition of star receiver Julio Jones. Brady’s weapons are unreal and the Buc’s could find themselves with another Super Bowl in 2022 with Brady at the helm.
  2. Mathew Stafford- In his first year with the Rams, Stafford took them to the SUper Bowl adn won it. Stafford gained a weapon in Allen Robinson and gets CAm Akers back fully healthy. We can see Stafford and CO. put up some really great numbers in 2022 and make another deep playoff run.
  3. Joe Burrow – Burrow in only his first full year as starting Quarterback took the Bengals to their first playoff win in 31 years. Burrow then took the Bengals to the Super Bowl but unfortunately for Bengal fans they lost to the LA Rams. This Steelers fan hates to admit this but the Bengals are gonna make the playoffs again and make a deep run into the playoffs.
  4. Justin Herbert- Herbert has been lights out since stepping in for an injured Tyrod Taylor in 2020. In 2 seasons Herbert has thrown for 9,350 yards, 69 touchdowns and 25 interceptions with a passer rating of 97.9. Herbert is going to have an MVP season in 2022 and take the Chargers to a place they haven’t been since 2018 and that’s the playoffs.
  5. Josh Allen- Allen has been a model of how a quarterback should play. His ability to run and his strong arm is a problem for opposing defenses. The Bills will be in the Super Bowl this year and that is because of Josh Allen.
  6. Patrick Mahomes- His ability to extend plays with his legs and no look passes make it near impossible for opposing defenses to stop him. Mahomes a former MVP will struggle this year due to the departure of Tyreek Hill. Mahomes will still have a pretty good year with the additions of Ju-Ju Smith Schuster and Martez Val Dez Scantling.
  7. Aaron Rodgers- Yes, hes a back to back MVP but in 2021 he did not deserve that title. The reigning MVP will struggle this year, in part to the trade of Devanta Adams. Rodgers doesnt have a true #1 receiver, but he is still Aaron Rodgers and will make plays and find a way to win!
  8. Dak Prescott- Prescott threw for 4,449 yards and a career high 37 touchdowns in 2021. Prescott lost a big time weapon in Amari Cooper. The emergence of Ceedee Lamb helps fill that hole left by cooper and Prescott and Lamb will put up huge numbers this year in Dallas. The Cowboys will win the division and make a decent playoff run.
  9. Jalen Hurts- Hurts gets a big boost this year with the addition of all-pro receiver AJ Brown. Brown brings this offense another explosive weapon for Hurts. Hurts made a lot of plays with his legs last year, but I believe Hurts will develop into more of a pocket passer this year and put up huge numbers in a fairly young eagles offense. The Eagles will make the playoffs due in part to Hurt’s legs and clutch performance.
  10. Derek Carr- Carr has always been looked at as mediocre, but people forget he once was the favorite to win the MVP award in 2016. Carr had a good year passing the ball with 4,804 yards. He had struggles throwing touchdowns last year he only had 24. Carr got a gift in the form of receiver Devanta Adams, who was traded from Green Bay to Las Vegas this off-season. With the addition of Adams , i believe Carr returns to that MVP form.

image by: Marca English

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