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Hello friends, welcome to the ultra fun time of conference realignment, a time of absolute uncertainty. Below, I have listed a few teams I believe that will change conferences in the near future.

First up a not so likely suspect is West Virginia. I believe West Virginia moving to the Big Ten would make a ton of sense. First, of all it makes a ton of sense geographically with Penn State, Rutgers, Maryland all in driving distance. Secondly, West Virginia in the Big Ten can foster rivalries with Penn State and Maryland. Thirdly, WVU would bolster an already loaded basketball league in the Big Ten.

Second up is The U. I believe a move for Miami to the SEC, again geographically this move would make a ton of sense. Secondly, we would get a yearly rivalry game between Florida and The U. Miami itself as a city already hosts The Orange Bowl and consistently hosts the National championship game so Miami itself playing in one of the premiere college football conferences would help bolster recruiting.

Third, up we have the Clemson Tigers. The Tigers would make a great addition to the SEC. Clemson already plays South Carolina on a yearly basis and Clemson already has the makings of a rivalry with Alabama. Clemson like WVU would also help bolster, already deep SEC basketball.

Fourth, on my list is the Seminoles of Florida State. In my opinion the Seminoles would make a great addition to the SEC. This move would help foster a rivalry with Florida and possible SEC member Miami. This move would make the most sense geographically as well. FSU would like all these other moves help bolster SEC basketball.

Fifth and most importantly The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. The time has come for Notre Dame to drop its independent status and join a conference and not just any conference, but the super conference that The Big Ten is building. Think of all the possibilities this move would unlock. Notre Dame would consistently play football teams that are steeped in college football tradition. Notre Dame is huge on tradition and the Big Ten outside of the SEC has the richest college football tradition

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