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Written by Connor McLoughlin

David Price. David. Price. Pitched 6 innings and did a great job, even though he gave up two runs. Tonight, was just a really great game. Even before it started Fenway had another rainbow over it and this time it was a double rainbow (does this mean if we get a game 7 the whole freaking sky is lit 🤔)!

Andrew Benintendi has been making catches that just seem to be uncatchable with the Green Monster right behind him, dude got air (see thumbnail). Other than that, for the outfield, I’m interested in seeing Mookie play 2nd base for a change of play seeming that’s what has to happen when we head over to Los Angeles for games three and four; I don’t think that it would change things up that much.

Honestly, this might just end up being a sweep because of the weather; the Sox are more used to the cold than the Dodgers are, but also more comfortable in nicer weather which it is supposed to be 87 degrees Friday night over there.

All I have to say to conclude this blog is, I👏🏼 love👏🏼 that👏🏼 dirty👏🏼 water👏🏼 (I👏🏼 love👏🏼 Boston👏🏼)!!!


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