Who is your NBA Dream Team of the Century?

Written by Noah Gagnon

A recent graphic posted by hypehoops got trending on twitter today. It was one of those build your dream *blank* for $15. I know these are pretty cheesy, but I freaking love them. Just something about them really kicks my mind into gear, only problem is I tend to struggle with the mental math aspect. Here’s their list:

So, if anybody cares, here’s what I’d do with my team. I’ll keep the explanations short and simple.

PG: Steph Curry – $5

Steph Curry is by far the most exciting, most revolutionary, and most game changing player of my generation. He deserves to be on any basketball list, and I want my team to wap 3’s all day.

SG: Jason Kidd – $1

I’m a Nets fan, and the only time we ever sniffed a championship was with J-Kidd, so I feel like I owe it to the guy. And with the way the 2021 Nets are performing, it doesn’t look like we’re making it back any time soon, so that makes Kidd’s accomplishments that much more impressive. I couldn’t tell you one aspect of his game but roll Brooklyn, baby.

SG- Ray Allen – $2

As I said, I want my team to wap 3’s. Ray Allen waps 3’s. He also bails out Lebron, and switches back from his tongue to his dick back to his tongue back to his dick, gimme Ray.

PF- Lebron James – $5

It’s Lebron James. If you don’t put him on you’re team you’re a fool.

C- Anthony Davis- $2

Getting Anthony Davis for $2 is highway robbery. When it’s all said and done for him, he’ll be at the $4 mark easily. He plays with anybody, and is a massive man who also waps 3s. Easy selection

So, thats my team. Curry, Kidd, Allen, James, Davis. That team clowns any combination on that list 4, no debate about it. Probably an 82-0 team in the regular season as well.

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