Who is ‘Tik-Tok boy?’

Well Twitter has been drama free for about zero days now.

If you are seeing this reference on Twitter it does not involve Jackson Mahomes surprisingly but rather Patrick Mahomes useless wide receiver Juju-Smith Schuster.

Juju, tweeted out a wild tweet earlier today commemorating Valentines Day;

And following this tweet, Eagles wide receiver AJ Brown responded and lit Twitter on fire.

Referring to someone as ‘Tic-Tok boy’ has to be the most disrespectful comeback in the world. But I will give Juju credit he did have a response for the tweet even though it might not have been great.

Easy tweet for Juju to just delete and then people might just forget on their owns. But now this will live on for a while now and people are going to refer to him at ‘Tik-tok boy’ for the rest of his career. Twitter is having a field day with relentless making fun of him as well;

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