Who is the Asshole: Me, or My Delivery Drivers?

Written by Nik D

With the obvious rise in online sales with the decline in brick and mortar retail stores, home deliveries and the need for delivery drivers has never been more essential.

With the demand for these deliveries to take place in two days or less, the pressure is on these delivery drivers to literally deliver.

That being said, just because they are under a lot of pressure doesn’t mean they can do their job poorly.

Recently, my seemingly daily package deliveries have not been placed on the universally accepted place; my front porch, but in front of my garage.

Why is this an issue? Well, to start, I live in Michigan and it’s winter. We have snow. Snow melts and turns to water. My packages are sitting in puddles of water by time I see them. The other issue is that if I don’t see the package before I pull in or out of my garage I will surely run the package over.

My front door is probably less than ten steps away from my garage.

So my anger level has risen the last few days due to these randomly placed packages. It has gotten me to think: am I an asshole for this? (Key phrase is “for this”. Yes, I am an asshole. But is it because of this?)

Maybe I am?

Or maybe this particular delivery driver/drivers is/are the asshole(s) here.

I’ll let you be judge. Here are our cases:

I Am Not An Asshole

I can’t be the asshole right? I order a package, my Amazon account specifies that I want packages on my covered porch at my front door. It shouldn’t be a guessing game for me. I shouldn’t have to worry that the item I paid for is sitting in a pile of snow or in a place that I may run over with my car.

This is the drivers job. To safely deliver the package free of damage. The area they are putting the boxes is not completing their job.

I am not asking these people to do anything crazy. Just follow the clear well lit sidewalk up to my front door.

Here are some random photos I cherry picked to further my point:

The Delivery Driver is Not An Asshole

Delivery drivers are under a lot of stress and pressure these days. Due to the connivence of online ordering and the fall of in-person retail these days due to the pandemic, these drivers are expected to deliver hundreds of packages a day, all over their given territory.

Amazon Prime promises delivery two days from the order date creating a lot of pressure to deliver, as Karen at home will throw a hissy fit if she doesn’t get here new sweatpants by 9pm of the second day.

I shouldn’t be upset that this person is trying to save a few seconds by putting a box near an entrance of my home. They got the package to the house at least.

Who is the Real Asshole

After hearing both sides I’ll let you, the people decide who the real asshole is.

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