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Who Is Holding The Baltimore Ravens Back From Being a Real Threat? Lamar Jackson Or Greg Roman?

Written by Robert McCarver

Ever since Lamar Jackson became the started in Baltimore there has been a lot of doubters on him leading the team to a Super Bowl. He has lit the league on fire and we haven’t seen an athlete at the QB position like this since Michael Vick but he still hasn’t made that next leap as a passer. Lamar has improved slightly from his rookie campaign as a passer but not the leap one would expect. So is he holding the Ravens back from reaching their potential as a Super Bowl contender?

Lamar is partly to blame as the passing attack has always been the downfall of the Ravens since he took over as the signal-caller but the bigger culprit is offensive coordinator Greg Roman. Roman has been the offensive coordinator since 2019 for the Ravens and had stops in San Francisco and Buffalo under the same gig. Roman is a fantastic run game coordinator but can’t produce a passing offense to save his life. Roman’s entire career as an NFL offensive coordinator his offenses have never reached higher than 21st in passing yards per game but are always at the top for rushing yards per game. So what changes need to be made for Lamar and the Ravens?

First and foremost Roman has to go as offensive coordinator and get someone that can design and execute a more modern style gameplan. Once Roman is let go and a new philosophy is in that offensive room it’s all up to Lamar from that point forward. Lamar has to put in the work to improve as a passer in order to reach his full potential and by doing so, the Ravens full potential. The talent’s there but someone needs to unlock more from Lamar and this passing offense that is not Greg Roman.

if they were to move on from Greg Roman a potential replacement is Qb’s coach/ passing game coordinator for the Cheifs, Mike Kafka. An up-and-coming offensive assistant who has had the opportunity to run his offense could be a great replacement. He’s been under the Andy Reid tree of knowledge and pairing that knowledge with the dynamic ability of Lamar could set the NFL on fire. He’s never called plays so there will be growing pains at first but the philosophy’s he’s learned under Reid will help him make that transition.

Who would you move on from, Lamar or Greg Roman?

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