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Who is Friday Beers? They’re the Best Content on Instagram Right Now and It’s Not Even Close

Written by tRy25

My boss recently wrote a blog questioning who Friday Beers is, as if they’ve dropped anything short of the hottest heat all over Instagram the last three months.

Last night Dana from Barstool was called out by Friday Beers for starting his own account Zillion Beers and, well, you can form your own opinion on that one.


I’m here to defend Friday Beers. They’ve provided me and 500,000+ others with laughs every Friday. Am I digging my own grave taking a stance against my boss? Possibly. Is Trev a fringe guy? I like to think he isn’t. Will I be filing unemployment papers for saying that? Hard to say. Time will tell.

Anyway, here’s my top 10 Friday Beers posts. Choose your own destiny on this feud. Do you want to be Dooley or Fringe Guy? Jimmy Heaters or the guy who stayed in last Friday? Would you rather date Dua Lipa or go out on a Hinge date? I’ll roll with Jimmy Heaters, the Big Fella, and order a cold one over a White Claw. Mystery Pill, anyone?

#10 Dodging All Responsibilities

#9 Last Friday Night

#8 The Promise

#7 Mass Casualties

#6 RIP Clarence

#5 This. Is. Friday Beers.

#4 Last Friday of the Decade

#3 The Night Before Thanksgiving

#2 Stuck At the Office

#1 Leo (obviously. Had to be Leo)

Honorable Mentions

*No spiked seltzers were consumed during the writing of this blog*

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