Who Did Addison Rae Just Makeout With At The #MTVAwards ? @whoisaddison

Twitter is going crazy because I guess Addison Rae just made-out with someone at the MTV Awards. First of all that dude is lucky Addison is a very good looking girl and for everyone on Twitter saying she is ‘average’ I want to know where ya’ll live because Addison is attractive as hell. Here is the video:

No one seems happy that they had to watch this makeout session, my question is do people really watch the MTV Awards? I have no clue, but Twitter is a relentless app and everyone is goofing on Addison for this.

Crazy that a girl that just dances in front of a camera and makes strange faces while doing it has the world by the balls, what a wild world we live in. It is wild to me that a girl that started doing that has a prominent rule on the MTV Awards and is trending on Twitter tonight. As that Kid Laori song she is a bad B*tch. Keep killing it Addison.

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