Who Cares that KD Hasn’t Spoke to the Nets

Written by Noah Gagnon

Despite getting blown off the court by Boston in the first round, the Nets have managed the keep themselves in the NBA news cylce from Cancun. But, at least this time the news surrounding Brooklyn is really positive, uplifting stuff. No. It’s kind of rough again, but once again, a massive overreaction.

If this is your first time reading one of my pieces, and statistically speaking it probably is, you should know that I’m a blind optimist when it comes to Brooklyn, and I’m wrong every time. But why change anything now?

So what I’m getting at is this KD stuff is a total non-story. If the report was he hasn’t touched a basketball and gained 20 pounds since the season ended, then I’d be concerned. But we all know bro is grinding. So, am I supposed to care that he hasn’t called Sean Marks to make dinner plans? No.

Honestly, I really see this as good news. If Kev wanted to force his way out of Brooklyn he’d have to call Marks and speak to him to do it. So, by saying nothing, Kevin is subliminally telling the organization that he’s never been happier and is prepared to turn in the best NBA season of all time en route to a dominant championship in 2023.

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