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Who are we kidding… Russell Wilson is THE MVP!

Written by DreadsPSE

This man, @DangeRussWilson is THIS YEARS MVP! No IFS and NO BUTTS! Don’t even try and come to me with some BS fact your heard of ESPN or Colin Cowherd..

When you watch this man PLAY, your mouth just drops to the floor with some of the throws this guy makes. Like watching one of those people who paints a picture upside and in like less than a minute!

Its constantly exciting to watch him operate on the field! Consistently making accurate throws and only where his receivers can catch it.

Now I (Dreads) personally live and am from Seattle.. So maybe I’m a little biased, but as a Dedicated NFL Fan, watching him has been a little short of amazing.
Currently, Russell Wilson has 2,505 yards, 22 TD’s and only 1 INTERCEPTION! JUST ONE!!!
and its not like its only for less than 3 yards either!

Since 2016, Russell Wilson has 40 TD’s traveling farther than 30 yards! The DUDE IS BAD!!

EVEN SOME DUDE (who i thought was @wojespn) knows greatness! Look at this stat!

I think you know what has to happen if the SEAHAWKS beat the 49ers tonite! JUST GIVE HIM THE MVP in the middle of the season! Declare it!
if he looses… he will gladly accept it at the end of the season.

RUSSELL WILSON FOR MVP! See!! Even @FieldYates knew my stat!

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