White Sox Manager, Tony La Russa, is NOT a fan favorite in Chicago!

The Chicago White Sox’s Manager, Tony La Russa, has had a very successful career as a Manager in Major League Baseball. Recently, he’s not been such a fan favorite in Chicago. Here’s the story:


On Thursday, La Russa intentionally walked Dodgers Trea Turner with a runner on second base, with a 2 strike, 1 ball count. He did so that his relief pitcher, Bennett Sousa, could face Max Muncy. It didn’t work our very well for La Russa, because Muncy ended up hitting a 3-run home run off of Sousa. Why? Why? Let’s just say the White Sox fans, and all of the MLB, just didn’t understand what he was thinking.

Then, when the White Sox faced the Dodgers on Saturday, the White Sox stadium crowd erupted into booing La Russa, when the game started. The fans NEVER FORGET mistakes and they let him know it.

I’m sure the beloved Manager will still be loved in the MLB and Chicago, but people will never forget this. Still, La Russa is a legendary figure in the MLB and he’s still loved by all. It’s okay, Coach!

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