Last year, the Chicago White Sox made an immediate offseason splash, with flashy signings such as 2015 Cy Young recipient Dallas Keuchel, All-Star catcher Yasmani Grandal and Edwin Encarnacion. Two out of the three worked out, but The Parrot’s $12M deal did not pay dividends as the middle of the order bat he’s previously proven to be.

They had a club option on another season of $12M, but the 3x All-Star will once again reach the open market. Encarnacion hit .157/.250/.377, by far his worst season yet. He is just a season removed from hitting to an .875 OPS and hit 34 homeruns.

Coming up as a third baseman with the Cincinnati Reds, his star didn’t begin to shine until his 28 with the Toronto Blue Jays. Yet, he’s been one of the most dominant sluggers of his generation. Between time with the Reds, Blue Jays, Cleveland Indians, Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees and White Sox. He has an .846 lifetime OPS and the second most homeruns in baseball since the start of the 2010 season. He has 424 lifetime homeruns.

There will be a market, but it will be rather limited due to him being primarily a designated hitter and not necessarily a productive one in 2020. He’s a cheap bounceback option for a variety of teams though.