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White Sox Dave Confronts Actor John Cusack Outside Ballpark Before ALDS Game 3 | @barstoolWSD @barstoolsports

One of the Barstool Sports’s Chicago employees, White Sox Dave, was seen confronting actor John Cusack down in the South Side Sunday night.

In tweets by Barstool Chicago and Dave himself, both guys were on video arguing of who Cusack should root for as the White Sox are in the MLB playoffs against the Houston Astros.

Well to be fair even as if he has him on his ‘banned bandwagon list,’ White Sox Dave is correct on one thing: Cusack is a bit of a flip-flopper between the two Chicago baseball teams.

The 55-year-old actor was seen in both Cubs and White Sox hats and gear once before. He also has tweeted out that he does like both teams, and has done a movie ‘Eight Men Out,’ which is based on the 1919 Black Sox Scandal.

You be the judge here.

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