Which NBA 2K is The Best Of All-Time?

Written by schultzyca

There is a great debate going on Twitter right now started by Hoops Central and I believe there is a very easy answer to this question;

I am going to be honest I have not played 2k since 2k19 and the game has been absolute ass I feel ever since 2k16. The best run in 2k franchise history is without a doubt 2k11-14, the best 2k game in history is 2k11 and if you don’t agree your grandmother deserves to be slapped.

I have great memories playing this game and wish I could relive some of the moments but the 2k franchise does not give a flying fuck about their loyal friends and customers so they make little to no improvement of the game every year because they know stupid idiots like us will buy it.

What everyone should do is protest the game and not purchase it until Ronnie2k and the creators of 2k listen to the fans demands. But regardless of that the best 2k game of all-time is 2k11, man those were some great times. In short screw Ronnie2k

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