Which @budlight House are You Living in During Quarantine?

Written by tRy25

Bud Light is hopping into the “pick em” trend making the rounds on twitter and instagram. I’ll start by saying you’re an absolute bafoon if you think a beer is just a beer. As you can see, there are many scenarios that can change the way you ingest your beer.

House 1 is the first house out for me. Not a chance I get stuck there for the next 6 months. Shower beers are cool, tailgating is awesome, but the rest? Who grabs a beer after working out? The last call beer is a sad beer because it means you have to leave and you’re likely going home without the girl you’ve been talking to all night. i have no clue what a “no other cold drinks in the fridge” beer is. why is the beer cold but the ice tea lukewarm? What’s going on with your fridge where it has the ability to discriminate on the contents inside it?

House 3 is next on the chopping block. This house is top heavy with two superstars but simply can’t make a deep run with that roster depth. I’m a slut for a beer after mowing the lawn. Toss a few in a cooler of ice and crack that top with the smell of freshly cut grass swirling through the air. The pre-game beer is a beautiful beverage. As a veteran of the beer league hockey club, I can say some of the best times of the summer are getting to the rink 2 hours before the game on a Wednesday night and tossing a few back before skating. The country concert beer and lunch beer are nice but too inconsistent to carry their weight. The last beer in the case sucks. It’s usually warm and that means you’re 12 oz away from being sad.

House 2 loses out to House 4 in this one. They simply didn’t have the consistent superstar talent to overcome the juggernaut that is House 4. House 2 has a solid lineup but couldn’t overcome the struggles of the 3am beer. That’s the beer that’s deep in the fridge and you’re not really sure what you’re even grabbing, you just know it’s booze. You wake up in the morning and find that beer half full with a cigarette butt in it, and you don’t even smoke. You can barely see because you slept with your contacts in and your head is pounding. 5 girls replayed your snapchat at 3:30AM. The golf, porch, and straight from work beers are titans of the game and there’s nothing better than free beer.

House 4. My champion. Somehow in my 26 years I’ve never been to a wedding. But I have been to college and some of my favorite beers where my t-shirt time beers. Airport beers and out on the water beers are your perfect leadoff hitters. Time is suspended in the airport and on the water. There’s no judgement, it’s usually hot, and the crisp nectar of an ice cold beer is just so good when it hits your lips. The 21st birthday beer may not be remembered by most of us, but it should be cherished. You can finally legally enter a bar and order a beer and no one can stop you.

As always, the X-factor is the Friday beer. There’s a reason the Friday Beers instagram account has nearly 800,000 followers. Friday beers simply hit different. If you know, you know.

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