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Where will #BlakeGriffin sign once his buyout finalizes?

It is being reported via The Athletic, Blake Griffin is expected to be bought out by the Detroit Pistons and is gonna be free to sign wherever he chooses. The Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers are among the teams interested.

Since the former all-star had knee surgery in April 2019, Griffin has only played in 38 games since the start of last season. He currently is averaging a career-low 12.3 points per game on 36.5 percent shooting this season before being taken out of the lineup until he is traded or bought out. If Blake Griffin can get back to his Los Angeles Clippers form he can help many teams that want to contend for a championship, why not reunite in Los Angeles but go up against the team that traded you? And play with Lebron James.

Regardless he will have a market for him, and ever since he came to Detroit he’s always played his hardest no matter the record. That’s something every Piston fan can respect.

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