Where Should The Line Be Drawn For Spectators

Here we go again with a topic that has been in the sports world for a few years now. How far is too far while at sporting events? This is bringing brought back up because of what Mets secondbaseman had to say about the teams’ new antics toward fans. If you haven’t heard or seen what happened, the Mets players are flashing thumbs down toward the crowd after getting hits because of fans booing the struggling team.

The Mets were considered the favorites before the season started up mostly to do with their acquisition of Allstar SS Francisco Lindor. While injuries have been a major reason why the Mets haven’t lived up to expectations the first-place Atlanta Braves have been without their ace in Mike Soroka for the year and lost their best player Ronald Acuna Jr. back in early July.

Now comes the debate that has been in the sports world for the last 5 years. Should fans be able to say the things they do? Fans take sports from good to great in most aspects but we can go overboard when at games for whatever reason. While at sporting events we as fans want to be heard on both sides wither that we love what is happening with our team or absolutely hate it so changes happen. But what is too far?

If players are getting upset with fans booing then they need to check their feeling at the door. This is sports, not a cuddle club where you’re told that no matter what you’re number 1. Fans have every right to cheer or boo and event shout that “You F@%&!*$ Suck” as long as that’s it. Where you go too far is any personal threats, comments about their family, death threats/wishes, homophobic comments, and racist comments/gestures. When you take fandom to that level you’re a scumbag and should be banned from any future events no questions asked.

Sporting events are supposed to be fun for all but you can’t cross that line or there will be repercussions. Now, what about profanities? As stated above you should expect that at games as a player and as a fellow fan because of the environment, there’s passion amongst fans that live and die by team success and alcohol to pair with that so yes profanities are going to happen. I say this because parents need to understand that if you take your child to a game you need to be comfortable with that language or it isn’t for you.

Athletes are human beings too and they shouldn’t have to hear some of the comments that they do however they can’t get upset at fans booing as Javier Baez did. Players love fans when they talk about how great they are but as soon as fans say “You Suck!” or “You need to be cut!” then they whine and talk about how fans suck blah blah blah. As players you know what you’re signing up for and if you can’t handle a little heckling then this profession isn’t for you. You get to live out every child’s dream on a nightly/weekly basis and because fans said some “mean things” you throw a temper tantrum and call out your fans for booing? If you don’t want them to boo then start winning and then all you will hear is cheers because that’s what fans do. We will say you suck and probably call you every name in the book but as soon as you have a little bit of success we’re are jumping around celebrating because at the end of the day we love the team and players representing that team.

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