When Should we Stop Betting on the Yankees?

Start spreading the news, bitches. The Yankees are riding a 12 game win streak and are undeniably the hottest team in baseball. If you’ve been betting them the last few weeks like I have, you’ve made a god damn fortune, but, the question is, when do you stop? Like any good streak, it’s gonna come to an end, I just don’t know when that is.

Gerritt Cole’s on the hill tonight, so it’s likely that the streak continues. And, Aaron Boone completely ripped the umpire a new one last night, and got tossed in the second inning, so you know the fellas are gonna be fired up for the rest of the series against Oakland. By the way, I think Aaron Boone is a pretty shitty manager, but after watching him completely rip into the ump like that I’m convinced I’d fight a gang of hostile Taliban fighters for the guy if he asked me to.

So yeah, I think the play is to just keep betting this team til they lose. They’re scorching hot right now, so just keep pounding that Moneyline until Aroldis Chapman inevitably blows one in the ninth inning.

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