When Did Alex Rodriguez All Of A Sudden Become Likeable?

Written by Clayton Richer

I can honestly admit that I have never been a fan of Alex Rodriguez throughout his playing career. Partially because I am a die-hard Toronto Blue Jays residing north of the border and more importantly because A-Rod was generally a “Douche” for the better part of his entire playing career.

I still haven’t forgiven him for that “Bush League” move he pulled in Toronto in 2007 when he yelled “I got it” while rounding third base. Blue Jays infielder Howie Clark assumed it was a teammate calling him off and let the routine flyball drop to the turf.

However, yesterday during the Yankees/Red Sox Grapefruit League contest, Rodriguez chimed in on the Houston Astros cheating debacle. A-Rod then took it one step further and touched on his own past indiscretions.

The former Yankee admitted that his suspension cost him nearly $35 million and that he deserved it. He also went on to admit he acted like a buffoon and appeared very sincere about his past mistakes.

I never thought I would say it, but I am kind of warming up to Alex Rodriguez as a person and as a broadcaster.

Hell, if the Astros deserve a second chance, then I guess so does Alex!!

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