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What’s The Deal With Joe Buck And Scott Van Pelt?

Written by Tony Ghaul

Following the “Monday Night Football” matchup between the Colts and Chargers, Van Pelt spoke with Troy Aikman and Buck on ESPN, an awkward moment during a live TV segment.

Van Pelt asked Buck the first question of the night about to his assessment of the Chargers going into the postseason. But that would be the only question asked of Buck during the nearly seven-minute appearance by the duo.

Van Pelt went on to ask Aikman three questions straight to end the segment and Buck did not hide his disappointment, leading to some very awkward back and forth.

“That’s it? I get one question? That’s all? That’s all I get?” Buck asked.

Van Pelt responded with, “I decided tonight, Joe, that I wanted to talk to Troy more.” Buck then said that he had to “awkwardly stand here” as Aikman answered questions. Aikman tried to defuse the situation.

After being asked if he had a good Christmas, Buck replied: “That was my second question, yes! I had a good Christmas.”My boys got a guitar and a drum set so I’m really happy to be in Indianapolis tonight. “Following a further exchange on Buck making it home on a private jet, Van Pelt added: “This is really getting awkward so I’m going to segway out of it. “Buck wasn’t done though and added: “It’s your show, I thought you wanted to get ratings?”

It was really a strange interaction and I believe that they really don’t like each other. The segment was a lot better than the game.

Joe Buck and Scott Van Pelt get in an awkward exchange. Photo courtsey of Screenshot/Twitter Video

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