What’s Going On With Spirit Airlines? Puerto Rico!

Written by TrevStone

Every time you see something going on with an airline it seems to always be a Spirit Airlines flight. Maybe because it’s always budget spending when you are flying with Spirit. Most people book Spirit because it’s the cheapest option but what’s happening in Puerto Rico is a shock!

A Facebook user shared his crazy story about Spirit Airlines and their employees going on strike.

This is what the post read:

Spirit Airlines causing some serious issues for us down here in Puerto Rico. Im just trying to get home.

Supposed to board fly out of here by 1:31pm but got delayed. New boarding time was 6:00 pm….waited until 7:00 pm.

Boarded the plane at 7:15, only to get unboarded by 8:15.

The initial reasoning behind the delay was they didn’t have pilots for our flight.

The supposedly flew some pilots in from Orlando and said we were to fly out when they arrive.

It is now almost 9:00 pm and we still have no answers as people begin to become impatient.


If I am understanding correctly, I believe the pilots and employees were on strike today. There are no employees to even get our luggage. I have never experienced this ever

Update 2:

Left the terminal to come over to bag check….all employees are gone. See additional pictures

Update 3:

We were trying to book another flight but there is non to assist us. Other terminals have no employees to check people in

Update 4:

Spoke with the police officers on how to get our bags off the plane, and they told us the airline is working with headquarters and are waiting for them.

We ended up leaving the airport and leaving the bag in the plane. Working on trying to find a different flight now for tomorrow.

Update 5:

I was able to retrieve my bag from the airport. They are allowing customers who have bags being held to go downstairs and get them.

Still no one at the counters and people are waiting at the bag check. (See added picture)

Guess what?

Although I hate this I just booked a Spirit Flight to Las Vegas! Gotta ball on a budget, ya feel?

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