What You Need To Know Before Betting on the Super Bowl

Hearing the words “Super Bowl” makes you think of the NFL instantly because no other sports are associated with those two very special words. The NFL or the National Football League in the US is one of the most closely followed leagues in the US. A lot of people enjoy their football and when the Super Bowl comes, the world literally stops.

The NFL has teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs, The Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, Greenbay Packers, and so many more teams known for their tenacity on the field. Apart from enjoying the game while watching, there are different ways to get involved with the teams apart from cheering. 

Because it’s popular, you can actually place bets on who is going to win the Super Bowl. Betting on your favorite team adds to the excitement because not only are you cheering for your squad, you also get to earn a bit of cash when they do good. With that said, here are some tips for betting.

Where To Place Your Bets

There’s no better place for you and your competitive betting hobby other than Fanduel! They can hold your bets for the NFL championships(with possible returns if you lose), for Horse Racing, and even Fantasy Football! They even give you some tips when it’s your first time in the activity. If you want to find out more about betting, click here.

Getting Into NFL Championship Betting

As many big competitive sports attract more attention and more popularity, some people will want to find other ways to differentiate themselves from the newbies and bandwagoners so they can stay true to their passion for the sport. In our case, recreational betting for the NFL Championship. 

Who To Bet On

You don’t need to make many bets each year – the more bets you make, means the higher chance of losing, right? Heck, even many long-time NFL Championship bettors don’t even take the chances into consideration and just bet on the fan favorites or the ones with the most momentum to win the championship title.

The more heat, momentum, and fans that other teams get leaves plenty of underdog teams to just swoop in out of nowhere to grab that win. Keep in mind that betting on either the fan-favorite or the underdog doesn’t have any influence or effect on both teams’ chances of victory. 

The betting affects how the website you’re betting into handles the odds of victory and loss for both teams. The bookkeepers have to maintain a balance so that the coffers aren’t affected at all. It’s also discouraged to swap your bets to chase the “gold,” depending on which team has a better outlook. So the payoff gets better for the underdogs.

Which Teams Have A Good Outlook For The Win

Much like what the year 2020 has brought upon us, there’s plenty of unexpected things to happen, and predictions can go south when something doesn’t go the way people want it to. The year really brought a lot of change to the season, so it’s tough to predict which teams will even make it to the playoffs! 

This then enforces that the most adaptable teams and those with the ability to adjust might be the strongest force in the current NFL season, but who’s to really say for sure? We’ll get the right mix of familiar and fresh names, so there wouldn’t be much second-guessing when it comes to the predictions. 

There’s one more thing that the league has to adjust to – the fact that the playoff field is being expanded from being 12 teams to 14, both having 7 teams in the AFC and NFC as opposed to the standard 6. 

Team Predictions

There’s a lot of teams to go through when it comes to each of the playoffs, so we’re just going to go with the top prediction for each of the divisions under both of the conferences – the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference.

In the AFC, the top pick for the East is the Buffalo Bills(10-6), possibly dethroning the Patriots. For the North, it’s the Baltimore Ravens(11-5), though not smooth sailing. For the South, it’s going to be the Houston Texans(9-7). As for the West, Kansas City Chiefs(12-4) are still maintaining their status as a main favorite in the American Football Conference. 

In the NFC, the top pick for the East is the Philadelphia Eagles(11-5); since they were limping last season, expect a better outcome this season. The North’s top pick is the Minnesota Vikings(10-6). The top pick in the South division is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, especially with Tom Brady in their ranks. The top pick for the West is the Seattle Seahawks(12-4).


Since these are all just predictions for which teams will come out on top of each division, don’t be too eager to instantly bet on those teams to win. Predictions are there to sort of guide your decision making, but they will still never be 100% accurate, so keep that in mind when you finally place your bets.

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