Unfortunately, “The Man” has been the forefront of all WWE programming for the past year and a half or so. After her Royal Rumble win against Asuka, having collected her “last debt,” many wonder what could possibly be left for Becky Lynch? We know that WWE had her beat Asuka (again) last Monday night on Raw, and that she will likely go on to face Shayna Baszler at Wrestlemania. But character-wise, where could Becky possibly go next?

Leading up to/ right after Wrestlemania 35, Becky was one of the most popular superstars that WWE had amongst the fans. As time has passed, the combination of mediocre in-ring skills and poor character progression have stymied “The Man” and her ability to stay over with the crowd. After being put over nonstop for the past year, even some within WWE are beginning to notice the dips in Becky’s fan support.

Last Month, Corey Graves commented on Becky’s stale gimmick on his “After The Bell” Podcast saying:

“My observation is that once Becky Lynch’s entrance music started to fade, so did the vocal crowd support… I’m just playing devil’s advocate, it is my concern or just my observation that maybe the WWE Universe is beginning to tire of The Man.” 

The link for that specific episode of Corey Graves’ Podcast can be found below:                                                           https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dolph-cant-quit-wwe-featuring-dolph-ziggler-and-r-truth/id1483233538?i=1000463439297

No shit the WWE Universe is getting tired of “The Man,” WWE has been beating that dead horse nonstop for over a year with absolutely no signs of slowing down. It was a travesty that she beat Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania 35, and an absolute waste of a #1 overall draft pick last fall. If Vince continues to put Becky over, he is likely to face another Roman Reigns situation in which the fans will want nothing to do with her.

If WWE wants to salvage Becky before it’s entirely too late, they need to change her character. So, the $64,000 question is, what the hell can they do to make a semi-compelling storyline with Becky Lynch? In my mind, the only logical place to go with her is a good old-fashioned heel turn. Have Becky turn on the fans before the fans completely turn on her.

It’s no secret Becky was supposed to turn heel at SummerSlam in 2018 after attacking Charlotte. But instead, she was elevated by the fans and “The Man” character was born. So here we are, a little over 18 months later longing for a heel turn or something new to make this stale character even remotely watchable.

The way I see it, the most logical way to spin a Becky heel turn is to build Shayna Baszler. At Survivor Series, WWE made her look like an absolute Rockstar, dominating Bayley and Becky for a large majority of the match. Between now and Wrestlemania, WWE needs to have Shayna absolutely squash her opponents (Some relevant names that Becky has already beaten) in no time flat making Shayna look nearly unbeatable. 

At Wrestlemania, Becky would hit Shayna with everything and the kitchen sink, but it wouldn’t be enough to finish the job. Becky, getting desperate to retain her title, would use some underhanded tactic (Pull the turnbuckle pad loose, hit Shayna with a chair, etc.) something obvious to either cheat and pin Shayna or lose via disqualification and keep the title.

Becky would then come out the next night on Raw and explain how she has never needed the fans or their support. She only used them to help her make history and that they all bought into her plan. The only thing she ever needed was her championship and she’ll be damned if she loses it to some new “Becky Badass Wannabe.” 

This would set up a continuation of her & Shayna’s feud where Becky would eventually drop the title and (hopefully) take a hiatus from WWE to get married, kick rocks, learn how to act, or whatever. The point is that her character has become unwatchable and desperately needs to change and stop wasting TV time every week.

Granted, it’s still a Becky Lynch storyline so it can’t be too good. But, not only would WWE create an edge to their most pushed superstar in this instance, but they would also add a shock factor that so much of their product lacks these days. 

At the end of the day, Vince is going to keep pushing the same ideas/people until WWE runs itself into the ground. It’s just nice to dream of a world where we don’t regret watching their product every week.

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