If you want your business goals to be achieved fast you need to have an efficient team at the back. The key to unlocking success is for sure a professional team that works day and night for the welfare of your company. But a team isn’t built in a day, you would need to invest a little for that. Before coming towards the team building activities we first need to have a look at some of the advantages of team building.

One big advantage of dividing people into teams is that they can split the task between each member, in this way each team member can work without any pressure on his shoulders. Due to this relaxation, they can think out of the box, bring many innovations, and in a collaborative environment solve every problem without being stuck for a long time. Another fact that helps in the reduction of work stress is that when a person is working in a team he feels more secure in terms of his/her job. Those members who work together get to foster new friendships and a very healthy working environment is established, a positive environment is quite important to boost the morale of workers. Exchange of knowledge occurs, juniors get to learn from the experiences of their seniors, and the seniors learn about the new business trends, one way or the other your company or business would be benefitted in the end.

To make your working teams strong you can indulge them in many team-building activities. As we all know after COVID-19, working from home is the new trend. So for such employees, many virtual team building activities are readily available on many websites and applications. Whereas many physical activities are also organized with the help of event organizers. Staff from different branches could be gathered at one place where they get to interact with one another and develop a better understanding of each other’s personalities. 

Now let us see some common physical and virtual team-building activities in practice these days:

These days tasting events are in vogue. Some common sessions include virtual cocktail classes, virtual cooking classes, music classes, etc. In all cases, the event planners send the kits containing all the required equipment necessary for the class.


In a virtual cocktail class, the teams are taught to make different types of cocktails with the help of mixers and stirrers which are already sent to them by the organizers. The list of alcohols required to make the cocktails is also present inside the box. This is a fun activity, every team member gets a chance to have a fun chat with each other, they laugh, learn, and in the end, can make the best cocktails. 


In the virtual cooking class, the chef shares the easiest methods to cook difficult dishes example making pasta from scratch. The cooking kit having a list of fresh grocery item required for the class, and the equipment and recipe book is mailed to the members. After making few mistakes every team member learns how to make that one specific dish taught to them.


Music classes are the best source of entertainment along with learning. All the colleagues can sit together in one room and learn to operate a specific instrument, and after a few hours of learning, they can play the musical instruments in rhythm. This activity not only helps them learn about music but also teaches them how much working in harmony holds importance. 

Small musical instruments are sent to the employees by mail. This activity can be arranged virtually as well . A quiz is also part of the session. Many questions about music, its types, and its origin are asked. Many challenges are part of the session as well. Every team tries its best to win each challenge by brainstorming, putting in the effort, and solving difficult problems.

Many other indoor and outdoor activities are part of the virtual team building, for example, the scavenger hunting activity. With the help of a scavenger hunt app, you can take your employee teams to any part of the world or can arrange an online event.

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