What Makes the Perfect Betting Site?

Written by TrevStone

There are well over 100 sports betting websites legally operating across the USA and more are joining the fray all the time. It means that as a sports enthusiast, you can afford to be choosy, and there’s no need for compromise. So just what is it that makes the ideal sports betting site? To a certain extent, that depends on your personal needs and preferences, but here are some areas to think about when choosing.


If you’re fixated on a particular sport, you’ll most likely find that there are some betting sites that share your obsession. That’s particularly the case with sports like soccer, where you want a site that takes the sport seriously. You’ll find it offers better tips from the most renowned experts and more extensive coverage. That is why I go to USLeaguesBetting.


There’s nothing better than actually catching the action when you’ve placed a bet as opposed to just reading about what happened. A growing number of betting sites provide video streams where you can watch the highlights, and some even have live streams of the action as it unfolds. In this age of ever more complex broadcasting rights, being able to watch the match or race right there on your sports betting app is just too good an opportunity to refuse. Read more on

Extra activities and entertainment

In the pre-internet days, gambling on sport and playing casino games were poles apart. These days, the gap is closing rapidly. Some of the biggest names in sports betting now offer casino games and vice versa. It’s not restricted to slots, either, you can find betting sites that give you direct access to poker tournaments, lotteries and even online bingo games. There’s nothing like broadening your horizons, so give it a try.

In-play betting

Live, or in-play, betting is when you can continue to place bets on a game or a race even after it has started. It creates fast and furious action, with constantly shifting odds, and simply wouldn’t have been possible in the pre-internet days. In-play betting is particularly popular with soccer, and is starting to appear with other sports, too, like tennis, NFL and even horse racing. It’s a whole new kind of betting experience, and it’s definitely worth seeking out a bookmaker that offers it for your sport of choice.

Bonuses and promos

Another benefit of the highly competitive market is that providers will do almost anything to get you onboard. There are numerous promotions out there like free bets and deposit bonuses. It’s certainly important to look at these, but avoid being tempted by offers that look too good to be true. Always read the small print, and check for things like withdrawal limits and wagering requirements.

Ideally, look for bonuses that stand the test of time. 10 free bets are great, but they don’t last long. On the other hand, provisions like cash outs, where you can effectively cancel your bet at minimal cost if it clearly isn’t going to work out, can save you much more in the long run.

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