What is the Ultimate Summer Hype Song For a “Never Was” Former Athlete?


If you’re like me, you long for the days of the locker room feeling.  Music cranked, blood flowing, yelling, chanting, pad claps, and all the goosebumps and rush that comes with it.  But I’m old now.  Those days are long behind me.  I’m a ripe old 33 years of age now. Soon to be 34.  The nursing home is not too far off in my near future.  


But I still feel the need for that feeling.  The only thing that can come close to bringing that to me nowadays is music.  


Finding the right hype song is an art.  It has to have the ability to inspire and motivate you, give you the chills, make you want to get up and do something, make you decide that maybe now is the time to get in shape 15 years after the last time you competed in an actual sport, and most importantly… MAKE YOU WANT TO RUN THROUGH GOD DAMNED BRICK WALL!!!


There are plenty of candidates.  Old and new, music never stops.  There are classics that get the blood pumping from the first note like Voodoo Child, Back in Black, Thunderstruck, and Welcome to the Jungle.  Masterpieces with slow builds that erupt in a way that make you want to explode into a dead sprint like Cochise, Hell’s Bells, and Down with the Sickness.  There’s feel good jams that confuse you as to why they hype you up like Fool in the Rain, You Can Call Me Al, and West Virginia and These Cigarettes.  Then the obvious ones that are just energetic or have an epic feel to them like Thanks fr th mmrs, Machinehead, Monkey Wrench, Breakout, and Adrenalize.  Of course, there is the rap category as well with hits like We Ready, POWER, Jumpman, and Can’t Hold Us.


But which one is the ultimate ditty that will set the mood for a day dreamer longing to to be back on the field and/or court?


For Those About to Rock (We Salute You).


It has the build.  It has the epic feel.  It has the rock.  It has the roll.  Slightly patriotic. It’s based off a book about gladiators. And m*****f*****g CANONS!


If you don’t get a chill every time Brian Johnson screams“FIRE!”, did you ever even lace ‘em, bro?


Bottom line is this: It is the ultimate hype song and if you disagree, your opinion is invalid, as I just laid the science at your feet.


So, men and women… We roll tonight…

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