What is the right career aptitude test for me

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Not everyone can answer the question “What do I want to work as? The vocational guidance test makes it easier to solve this problem. We have figured out why you need it and how much it costs to take it.

But how do you find one for yourself? 

Learn about the best career aptitude tests! Figuring out which career is best for you is no easy task. You have to try something new for yourself or make a decision based on your previous experience.

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What is a vocational guidance test

The vocational guidance test identifies the skills and character traits that a person possesses. And, based on the data obtained, it helps to understand which profession suits him best. It will help you highlight your professional accomplishments and determine the classification of your profession.

This is a computerized test consisting of several parts. The time for each part is different: for example, a specific time is set aside for the math problems, and you can think about the personality traits questions as long as you need. Each part has multiple-choice questions or boxes where you can write your own wording. Experts will help interpret the results. 

After passing the test, the system will divide the professions in which a person may be interested in, into several categories:

  • “Nature” – determines how much the test taker is predisposed to biology, ecology, the study of the surrounding world.
  • “Technology” – identifies a possible interest in technical professions.
  • “Human” – interest in professions related to communication and helping people.
  • “Sign Systems” – indicates a person’s abilities in the exact sciences.

“Artistic Sphere” – shows how much the test taker might enjoy creative work.

Some career guidance centers offer tests of their own design. But most use standard ones that can be taken online on the Internet. For example, the most common online career guidance test is the E. A. Klimov Differential Diagnostic Questionnaire. This is one of the most popular and fastest tests. It does not give a complete picture of which profession suits you best, but it is a good place to start. More accurately answer the question “What do I want to work for?” with the help of tests at specialized centers and a conversation with a specialist who interprets the results.

Why do we need a vocational guidance test?

The vocational guidance test helps:

  • Determine the subjects for the exam. The test will determine what subjects the student has an aptitude for and what training areas he or she should consider for admission.
  • Choose a profession. If you can not choose from a large number of occupational options, or, conversely, there are none at all, the test will help you understand what kinds of work are suitable for you.
  • Find skills where there are gaps. If you do not know what skills you lack, the test will tell you what you need to tighten.
  • The test doesn’t answer the question, “What do I really want to do?” 100%, but it can suggest options you haven’t even considered before. 

In paid career guidance centers, a specialist will talk to you after the test, who will talk to you in detail about the results, suggest more options for jobs that suit you, and recommend special courses that help you develop skills. 

For example, if you are a shy person, but want to work in an industry where you need to be confident and constantly move forward – you will be recommended courses in communication, where they teach how to communicate with people or career resources as well as raise your skill level.

Life orientations change with age, and the results of the test may also change after a few years. That is why the vocational guidance test is not taken once, but as long as the person considers it necessary.

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